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100+ India Links - Music
One of the finest site with latest information from Bollywood to Bhangra. Excellent resources and links.    (added 9 years ago)

Apollo Online
Major Indian store which has new releases of movies, CD's, audio tapes, magazines and etc.    (added 9 years ago)

Finest Bhangra site with information from parties to advertising. Also, include audio samples, free stuffs and etc.    (added 9 years ago)

Bollywood Songs
Lists of music from Bollywood. One of the high trafficked site.    (added 9 years ago)

Classical Music Society
Indian Classical Music Society of Greater Atlanta 5385 Chaversham Lane, Norcross, GA 30092    (added 9 years ago)

Gramophone Company of India
The treasure of India's pioneering music company is now just seconds away. Whatever you are into, you'll find it here.    (added 9 years ago)

Indian Music
A site dedicated to the music of India.    (added 9 years ago)

Indian Rhythmic Cycles
The concept of the ever-recurring cyclic rhythms of the universe is one of the basic tenets of Hindu philosophy.    (added 9 years ago)

Jagjit and Chitra Singh
This set of pages explores the work of Jagjit and Chitra Singh, probably the best known ghazal singers alive today.    (added 9 years ago)

Musical Instruments of India - Carnatic Vina
Principle instrument used in the performance of South Indian music. It is directly related to the Bin type, but underwent structural changes in the 16th Century.    (added 9 years ago)

The only Indian music store, that we know of, of its kind on this planet! You may sample a CD and check out the description of tracks it contains, before you decide to buy it.    (added 9 years ago)

Neelam Audio and Video
One of the pioneers in the United States and Canada in the distribution and manufacturing of Indian classical and marathi music.    (added 9 years ago)

Nishana Musical Group
A band from California that has performed for Cultural Association of India. Federation of Indian Associations. Gujarati Cultural Associations of Northern California, etc.    (added 9 years ago)

An educational magazine for the music and fine arts of India. It features regular lessons on Indian music and the various instruments of India like the sitar, tabla, dilrubha etc.    (added 9 years ago)

Raga Records
You'll find hundreds of photos, articles, interviews, sound samples. Artists include Nikhil Banerjee, Manilal Nag, Buddhadev Das Gupta, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.    (added 9 years ago)

Rhythm and Tala
Talas are rhythmic cycles. They have a universal unity. Two plus two cannot but be four. Indian music has got the most complicated variety of tala structures in the world.    (added 9 years ago)

Sanjay Mishra
East meets West in a unique and innovative fusion of acoustic and computer generated sounds that has won Sanjay critical acclaim from both musicians and critics including Jerry Garcia who performs on    (added 9 years ago)

Tamil Movie Songs
Another site with listing of Tamil songs from movies include music from Ilayaraja, Ranjit Barot, etc.    (added 9 years ago)

The Ali Akbar College of Music
The only institution in North America devoted to the teaching of North Indian Classical Music by internationally renowned master musicians.    (added 9 years ago)

The Rawal Brothers
This site is pleasant and it is successful in giving you a peek into the Musical background of these Talented Brothers.    (added 9 years ago)

Udit Narayan's Songs
Has been on the Hindi music scene for more than a decade now. During this time he has given many chartbusters to Hindi music lovers.    (added 9 years ago)

Ziba Music
Music Center in cooperation with North America's top desi promoters, DJs, and organizations bring you Ziba Net, a listserv focusing on desi culture.    (added 9 years ago)

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