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Guru Granth Sahib - What it contains

Guru Granth Sahib - What it contains.

This 'Holy Granth' contains the message of God.
It is the true and permanent Spiritual Guide of the Sikhs.
It was compiled by Guru Arjan, the fifth Guru of the Sikhs.
It contains verses of six Sikh Gurus.
It also contains verses of other Indian Saints such as Kabir, Farid, Surdas, Namedv, Tirlochan, Ravidas, Ramanand, Dhana, and Jaidev etc.
All verses are set in 31 musical ragas (tunes), because music helps the mind to absorb the message faster.
God is addressed by different names such as Ishwar, Gobind, Ram, Karim, Allah etc.

Main message for humanity

Only by the grace of a true Guru, the ego can be dissolved and eternal happiness can be achieved.
To smilingly accept the will of God.
Selfless service of humanity is the true worship of God.
Women deserve the same respect as men.
Truth is highest of all, higher still is truthful living.

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