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Gurudwara Sahib Opens to Public - WA

Gurudwara Sahib of Western Australia open's to public

On March 04, 2001 the Sikh temple at Canning Vale was thrown open to all. Premier Geoff Gallop gave an opening speech which was followed by a welcome from local Nyoongars - the traditional owners of the land.

The community's religious elders, called the Five Loved Ones of God (Panj Piaras), then raised the Sikh flag and offered a prayer to complete the temple's opening. The Five Loved Ones officiate at religious ceremonies and act as representatives of the Sikh community.

The Gurdwara Sahib will become Western Australia's main temple for the 2000-strong Sikh community. It will be the venue for weekly community prayers and the sharing of a common meal, which is an important part of the Sikh faith, to promote equality among all people.

March 04, 2001 also marked the culmination of six years of planning for the Sikh Association of Western Australia. The temple was built at the cost of $1.7 million. Most of the money for the project was raised by the 600 Sikh families in Perth.

Details of the Gurudwara Sahib:

Gurdwara Sahib of Western Australia
Lot 123, Saddleback Grove (off Nicholson Road),
Canning Vale WA 6155, Western Australia

Timing: Sunday: 0900am - 1230pm

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