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Models of gurudwaras and religious paintings

Dr. Sukhpal Singh, of Amritsar is from an artistic family. Sr. Sewak Singh (G.D. Art[Lahore]), his father, was a renowned Sikh artist specilaising in landscape and nature painting. At a young age , Dr. Sukhpal Singh showed great interest in line drawings. Gradually he progressed to model making. His first replica of The Golden Temple was built in 1976 on the Golden Temple's 400th anniversary. Dr. Singh's skill is greatly influenced by his grand-mother who was a very pious lady and a staunch devotee of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji. Dr. Singh gets full support of his wife Satinder Kaur and children Nimarta, Amitoj and Geetanjli.

Dr. Sukhpal Singh believes that by displaying the replicas of various Gurdwaras and Sikh religious places at prominent places, the younger generation can be made more aware about their culture and religion. By seeing a minature of a Gurdwara one would be able to relate and appreciate with the Gurdwara or the religious place more. The replicas being to the scale are that much more realistic. All replicas carry with them facts about each Gurdwara tp help people learn about the historical background of the Gurdwara in question. Dr. Sukhpal's skills are not restricted to model making, he is also an avid painter. He paintings relate to the sikh religion.

To date Dr. Singh's paintings and replicas hold a place of pride in India, Singapore and England. One of the most valued works of art; a replica of Guru Ka Bagh, which was presented to Queen Elizabeth during her official visit to Amritsar, India in 1998; is currently on display in Buckingham Palace, London. Many of his works have been presented as momenteos to dignatories who have over the years visited the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) and Amritsar.

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