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Power of Money

Power Of Money

- Most of us think that money has a lot of power.
- We believe that money can give us ever-lasting happiness.
- That is why through out our life, we struggle to earn money.
- But can money really give us ever-lasting happiness?

Gurbani reminds us that:
Sukh Naahi Bohte Dhan Khaate (SGGS: 1147)

- This means that even if we have lot of money,we can not get ever-lasting happiness.
- Money can give us temporary happiness,but it can not give us permanent happiness.
- We may not believe in this line of Gurbani.
- So, let us look at the rich people in this world and ask these questions:

Is every rich person happy?
Is every rich person healthy?
Is every rich person without tensions?
Is every rich person wise and intelligent?
Did our Gurus collect wealth for their personal use?
If money cannot give us ever-lasting happiness, then how do we get ever-lasting happiness?

Gurbani gives us the answer:
Sarb Sukhaa Har Har Gun Gaaye (SGGS: 1147)

- Ever-lasting happiness is obtained only by Praising God (Naam Simran).
- Naam Simran protects us - everywhere and every time.
- Though Money can be stolen from us, Naam Simran cannot be stolen.
- We spend a lot of time to collect Money; similarly, we can try and spend sufficient time to collect Naam Simran or Naam Dhan.

Gurbani shows us this method to get ever-lasting happiness.

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